JON: The Journal of Neuromedicine

Founding & Managing Editor

Prof. Douglas J. Phillips II


JON: The Journal of Neuromedicine is a peer-reviewed medical, scientific, and philosophical journal dedicated to exploring issues in modern neurology, neuropharmacology, neurosurgery, and neuroethics.  JON publishes research papers in conjunction with The Neurological Foundation to facilitate greater understanding of the application of neuroscience to the fields of medicine, technology, and philosophy.

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."  Hippocrates

Call for Papers & Posters

If you are an author and researcher who would like to submit a manuscript or poster for publication, please send a copy or share in Google doc format to

Upon acceptance, articles will be posted on the JON website and uploaded to the academic databases of our institutional subscribers.

Articles are indexed and abstracted through EBSCO Information Services Bibliographic and Full Text Databases.

Papers & Posters

The first papers and posters of JON: The Journal of Neuromedicine are planned to be released for open-access in early 2018.

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